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Negligent Security

Negligent Security

Security is increasingly important in our society. While there is always the risk of crime, there are certain places where people should expect to be safe. This may include business offices, restaurants, bars, night clubs, grocery stores, and parking lots.

A negligent security case can arise when businesses do not have adequate security in place and proper care was not taken to protect their customers. For example, if a person is mugged in a store parking lot or wounded in a shooting at the mall, they may have a valid negligent security case. This can give rise to a civil lawsuit against the negligent parties.

Because each case is unique and the standard of “reasonable” care can be difficult to discern, you need an experienced attorney on your side that will pursue all avenues of financial recovery on your behalf.

Trust Our Negligent Security Attorneys

At Bishop Legal, we are passionate, aggressive advocates for the wrongfully injured in Washington State. We examine all aspects of a claim in order to obtain just compensation for negligence. We fight for compensation for medical bills, lost wages, future medical needs, and other compensatory damages such as pain and suffering for seriously injured negligent security accident victims.

Our attorneys are experienced and knowledgeable on tort law. We consult with medical and security experts to prove negligence and damages. When companies fight, we fight back, having successfully litigated cases all the way to the Washington State Supreme Court.

Our attorneys investigate the qualifications, experience, and training of the security personnel at the time of the accident. We also research the security measures of the business, the quality of surveillance equipment used, and whether the security plan was properly designed and complied with.

We have a proven track record of results with several multi-million-dollar awards for our clients in serious injury cases. We are dedicated to our clients and are caring, forceful advocates on their behalf.

Do Not Go At It Alone

Corporations have considerable power and resources to deny valid negligent security claims. Don’t be a victim twice. If you have been seriously injured in this type of case, do not expect any company to fairly pay for the damage on their own accord.

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured as the result of negligent security, please contact us. We offer free legal help and do not charge a fee unless we make a recovery in the case.


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