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Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death

Losing a spouse, child, parent, or other family member in an accident is a horrible tragedy. They are gone forever, and it is a difficult, sorrowful, heart-wrenching experience. The effects are devastating and each person copes with a loss in a different way.

While it cannot change the tragedy that has occurred, a wrongful death lawsuit can help your family get justice you deserve, and provide money to make the loss easier to handle financially.

Compassionate, Caring Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our Washington State wrongful death attorneys have experience helping clients in this difficult, traumatic time. We offer compassionate, dedicated counsel for clients to help get them through the entire process. We handle the legal case for negligent death, allowing the family to focus on their emotional recovery and the many other challenges families face when a death occurs.

While our attorneys cannot entirely comprehend the pain of the loss, we help clients who have lost family members get justice for their loved one by seeking rightful compensation from other people or companies who may be legally responsible for their death

In addition to the emotional toll, a death in the family can create a lot of financial difficulties. When the loss of a primary income earner occurs, the affects can be particularly devastating.

Even when it is not a primary income earner, the loss of secondary income and childcare can also have a calamitous impact on a family. We pursue financial compensation in wrongful death cases to help families maintain an equivalent standard of living as before the accident.

Aggressive Lawyers Fighting For Your Loved One

When a death occurs, insurance companies spend a lot of money to deny or pay as little as possible for the wrongful death claim. They are powerful adversaries and you cannot expect them to be generous in your time of mourning. Our attorneys fight to hold the wrongdoer accountable and get them to pay what is rightfully deserved in a negligent death case.

Contact Our Wrongful Death Attorneys

If you have lost a love one as a result of a wrongful death, which may include fatal car crash, construction accident, railroad accident, nursing home abuse or neglect, or other tragic accident, please contact us. We offer a free confidential case evaluation and never charge a fee unless a recovery is made.

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