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Child Injuries

Child Injuries

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Each day, thousands of children are involved in accidents caused by a negligent party. Some sustain serious injuries or in the most tragic cases, deaths occur.

At Bishop Legal, we believe each child is precious and has the right to be safe and protected from harm. We do the utmost to ensure children’s financial rights are pursued to the fullest when they are the victims of negligent acts. We help vulnerable children and their families get the justice they deserve from wrongdoers.

Children’s Personal Injury Cases

Our law firm handles a wide range of injury cases. We have experience representing over a hundred children in injury cases and have satisfied many families with our firm’s results.

In addition to pedestrian, bicycle, car and truck accidents, we also represent children in playground accidents and other government liability cases, in E. coli and other food borne illness cases, dog bite cases, child abuse, day care abuse and neglect, swimming-related accidents, accidents involving fire, and railroad crossing accident cases. In the most tragic of case, we handle wrongful death of a child cases for families.

We also represent children who are victims of burn injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, head injuries, toxic exposure, birth injuries, and other catastrophic injuries.

The Need for a Lawyer

Children are especially fragile. Sometimes their injuries may not be readily apparent but develop over time, such as cognitive impairment or severe disability caused by an accident. This is why it is especially important not to rush to settle children’s claims.

Children are not held to the typical three-year statute of limitations as other residents of Washington. When a child is injured as the result of a negligent act, they have until their 21st birthday to file a lawsuit. However, families should not wait to get a lawyer.

Our firm takes the time that is needed to fully evaluate a child’s injuries and proceed in their best interest. We make sure that the responsible person or company is held accountable. We are compassionate and understanding in our work with children and their families, which is why if the responsible party denies or attempts to limit liability for their negligence, we file suit.

Minor Settlements

In Washington State, children’s cases are handled very differently than adults’. Any personal injury settlement involving a minor must be approved by a court-appointed Guardian Ad Litem. We handle all aspects of children’s claims and when a settlement or verdict is reached, we help the family with the court approval process.

When a minor settlement is approved, the child’s funds are placed in a blocked bank account. By law, children or their families are not allowed to access the proceeds from an award until the minor turns 18 years of age.

Choose Experienced Children’s Injury Lawyers

Bishop Legal has been defending the rights of children for more than 20 years. We have the legal knowledge, compassion, and sensitivity to expertly handle a child’s personal injury case. Please contact us for a free consultation.


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