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Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance Bad Faith

When consumers spend their hard-earned money to purchase insurance coverage, they expect to be treated fairly by their own company. But too often, this is not the case. In fact, many bodily injury claims involve insurance bad faith.

What is Insurance Bad Faith?

Insurance bad faith claims can arise in a variety of situations. When an insured has coverage types such as Personal Injury Protection or Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist protection, the injured insured individual can make a claim against their own policy.

Insurance bad faith claims may include:

  • Wrongfully denying payment of a claim
  • Unreasonably delaying payments of benefits
  • Failing to provide coverage
  • Failing to settle the claim within the limits of the insurance policy
  • Violating other applicable insurance laws

Insurers have a fiduciary duty to their insured and need to be held accountable. If you have been a victim of any of the above transgressions, you may have an insurance bad faith case.

Compliance with the Law

Insurance companies must be licensed to sell insurance by the state. They are regulated and must comply with state laws. Many insurance policy holders have disputes with their carriers over coverage and the amount offered by their insurance to settle a claim. Insurance bad faith claims typically arise when an insurer is acting unreasonably and failing to live up to insurance law and the terms of its own policy.

Trust Our Knowledgeable, Experienced Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys

When you buy an insurance policy, you have rights under the law. Our knowledgeable insurance bad faith lawyers can help you protect those rights. Our lawyers pursue the full amount of damages under the law arising from a bad faith claim. By holding insurers accountable, we get the justice our clients deserve and help protect the public from insurance company abuses.

In evaluating an insurance bad faith claim, we thoroughly review all aspects of the claim including reviewing the applicable insurance policy, payments and claims histories, claims documentation such as record statements, photographs, and other evidence, other insurance related documentation, and insurance company conduct. Our comprehensive and knowledgeable approach leads to the best results for our clients.

Contact Us

If you or a family member needs legal assistance due to an insurance dispute arising from an injury claim in Washington State, please contact us. We offer free consultations and have achieved favorable outcomes for clients in insurance bad faith claims.


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