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Defective Highway Design

Defective Highway Design

At Bishop Legal, we represent seriously injured accident victims and, in the tragic case of a fatal accident, we represent the deceased’s family in a wrongful death case. We look for all possible resources for our injured clients. In the event of a car or truck accident, this includes defective highway design and road maintenance defects.

Our attorneys have vast experienced handling complex, high damage cases. Because insurance limits often do not provide enough, we look at more than just the negligent driver, exploring all potential resources for our client to recover financially from the injuries and damages sustained resulting from a devastating accident.

Experienced Attorneys, Proven Results

We represent seriously injured clients in claims against builders and designers for shoddy design and construction that contributed to causing an accident. We also handle government liability cases as there are times when city, county, state, federal, and other government agencies need to be held accountable for negligence to protect the public from harm.

Our attorneys are experts in tort law and know what is necessary to prove a case. We work with engineers, accident reconstructionists, safety experts, and road construction professionals to identify violations of the law and unreasonably dangerous road conditions.

When Is Their Negligence?

It can be difficult for the public to identify when a roadway is unsafe. In evaluating defective highway design and maintenance, we look at factors that may include:

  • Defective or unsafe highway on-ramp metering systems
  • Unsafe freeway ramps
  • Poorly marked highway construction zones
  • Unsafe pavement conditions such as cracks, potholes, rough surfaces, bumps, or excessive gravel on highways
  • Dangerous or non-existent shoulders
  • Unsafe railroad crossings that result in a railroad crossing accident
  • Unsafe bridges or overpasses
  • Damaged or missing signage, such as a stop sign or yield sign

Trust Our Knowledgable, Compassionate Lawyers

If you or a family member has been seriously injured in an accident in Washington that you believe was caused or aggravated by dangerous highway conditions, contact our experienced accident and wrongful death attorneys. We offer free consultations.

There is a limited time to make a civil action and file a lawsuit so injured victims should not wait. Statistics show that seriously injured accident victims get significantly more compensation when represented by an attorney.

At Bishop Legal, we have recovered millions of dollars in recoveries for our clients and have more than 15 years of experience representing seriously injured Washington accident victims. Please contact us for a free consultation.


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