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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse

In addition to criminal penalties, sexual abuse and child molestation perpetrators can also face civil justice for their heinous acts. In addition to serious physical injuries, the emotional scars from sexual abuse can be damaging for a lifetime.

Serious Physical and Emotional Damage

Sexual abuse and sexual exploitation victims can face serious economic damages as the result of an attack. This may include medical bills, future medical needs including counseling and therapy, and lost wages. They may also have a right to compensatory damages for their pain and suffering.
While no amount of financial compensation can ever undo the harm that was caused, victims need financial recourse for the serious damages they sustain. By filing a civil lawsuit, victims and their families can seek the full justice and compensation they deserve from the wrongdoer(s). This can help put their lives back together and at least recover financially from the despicable acts of the attacker.

Necessary Civil Justice

The ability to have civil recourse is important for Americans. By allowing for an avenue of financial relief, large verdicts and settlements against individuals and organizations can discourage future unlawful acts.

There are certain people we entrust to help care for our children. Sadly, sometimes heinous violations occur. The perpetrators of sexual abuse may include:

  • Teachers
  • Clergy
  • Day Care Providers
  • Doctors
  • Therapists
  • Counselors
  • Coaches
  • Care Givers
  • College Residence Hall Assistants
  • Family Members
  • Acquaintances

The heinous act of child molestation and rape can happen anywhere including nursing homes, hospitals, mental institutions, college dormitories, parking lots, and hotels. People of all ages can be victim of sexual abuse including the vulnerable elderly and disabled in nursing homes or other care facilities.

Trust Our Sexual Abuse Attorneys

Understandably, victims of sexual assault are hesitant to come forward in reporting sex crimes. It is deeply personal and emotionally traumatic. However, victims of sexual abuse and exploitation should not wait to act against the wrongdoers. The passage of time can adversely affect a case.

The lawyers at Bishop Legal handle all types of sexual abuse cases. Our attorneys are experienced in handling large, complex, serious cases. We investigate all aspects of a claim and secure the experts necessary to prove negligence and/or damage when harm has been caused.

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At Bishop Legal, we provide sensitive, caring, professional legal representation of sexual assault victims in Washington State. Contact our sexual abuse attorneys today for free legal help. We only charge a fee if we make a recovery in the case.


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