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Highest Injury Settlement On Record against the Port of Seattle. Our client, a former airport employee, obtained the largest injury settlement on record against the Port of Seattle. Alyah Payne was driving a baggage tug on a curved single lane road designed by the Port of Seattle. Despite being a single lane road, the Port permitted traffic to come and go in both directions on the road making it a question of when, not if, there would be a collision. Making matters worse, the roadway was curved and the Port permitted a 6 foot chain-link fence to be erected and covered with blue tarps around the curved roadway. This created a blind curve. Airport employees complained about it. The Port did nothing to remedy the situation until it was too late. The alternative to driving on the single-lane-curved-blind roadway was to steer out into the Air Movement Area (AMA). Our client, Ms. Payne, was aware that baggage tug movement on the AMA was prohibited because of the dangers posed to taxiing aircraft, and aircraft passengers. Given the choice to endanger the lives of passengers, or herself, Ms. Payne followed the rules and stayed inside the designated roadway. Unfortunately, a speeding vehicle coming from the other direction collided directly into Ms. Payne’s tug. Because the Port of Seattle does not require tugs to have protective doors, Ms. Payne’s left foot and leg were ejected from the tug and crushed by the oncoming vehicle. The incident was captured by airport security cameras. Alyah’s foot and part of her leg had to be amputated.

Her life is forever changed. Bishop Legal sued the Port of Seattle and obtained the largest settlement payout for Ms. Payne, an airport employee.  Ms. Payne insisted that the details of her case not be subject to confidentiality, such that she could share the details of the Port’s lack of safety oversight, with a view to stopping incidents like it from occurring ever again.