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Farm Worker Pesticide Injuries

Many farm workers, nursery workers, and pesticide plant employees are exposed to pesticides on a regular basis. Pesticides are made with inherently toxic chemicals designed to kill or prevent the growth of living things. As pesticide use grows in American farms and industry, workers are suffering more pesticide poisonings and injury.
One chemical commonly used to make pesticides is benzene, which is known to cause serious medical conditions such as blood disorders, reduced immune system, bone marrow loss, and leukemia. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency classifies benzene as a Class A carcinogen.
Pesticides pose a real health threat to those exposed to them. They cause a wide range of health issues ranging from irritation of the eyes to causing a form of leukemia.

Acute Effects of Pesticide Exposure

The damage caused by pesticide exposure can take years to be evident. However, some acute effects of pesticide exposure include:
– Chronic Headaches
– Drowsiness and Dizziness
– Incoherent Speech Patterns
– Vomiting and Nausea
Long term exposure to pesticides include damage to the lymphoid system and cancer.

Who’s at Risk?

While farm workers and pesticide plant workers may be more apparent as they work with pesticides in their greatest concentrations and strengths, anyone encountering toxic chemicals is at risk. This can include eating contaminated fruits or even absorbing the weed killer in a yard.
Pregnant women need to be especially careful to avoid handling or ingesting pesticides. Babies born to mother’s exposed to high levels of pesticides can have severe birth defects such as deformed limbs, undeveloped jaws, or missing eyes, ears, or nose.
Farm worker family members are also at greater risk. Pesticide residue on a worker’s hair, skin, or clothing can be brought home causing others to be exposed. If family members live nearby or visit, children may play in treated fields or pesticides may drift into residences.

How to Receive Compensation

If you were exposed to pesticides on the job and are suffering medical complications as a result, typically the first step would be to file a workers compensation claim. In some circumstances, employees can also file a personal injury claim to recover damages against the parties as a result of the negligence that caused them harm.
For those afflicted by pesticide exposure outside of work, a personal injury claim may be their only recourse to receive rightful compensation for medical, economic, and personal damages.
If you or a loved one has suffered serious medical complications as a result of pesticide exposure, you are entitled to compensation. Bishop Legal’s toxic exposure attorneys are skilled at investigating complex, high damage cases and recovering the full range of damages from the liable parties. Please contact our injury lawyers for a free, confidential consultation.