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Motor Vehicle Fatalities Up 9%; No Sign of a Decrease in 2016, says National Safety Council

According to a recent article published by the National Safety Council, preliminary estimates indicate motor vehicle deaths were 9% higher through the first six months of 2016 than in 2015, and 18% higher than two years ago at the six month mark. An estimated 19,100 people have been killed on U.S. roads since January, and 2.2 million were seriously injured.

                                                Chart published by the National Safety Council

While many factors likely contributed to the fatality increase, the National Safety Council concluded a stronger economy and lower unemployment rates are at the core of the trend. Average gas prices for the first six months of this year were 16 percent lower than 2015 levels, helping to fuel a 3.3% increase in the number of miles driven.
To help ensure motor vehicle safety, the National Safety Council recommends drivers:
Make sure every passenger buckles up on every trip
Designate an alcohol and drug-free driver or arrange alternate transportation
Get plenty of sleep and take regular breaks to avoid fatigue
Never use a cell phone behind the wheel, even hands-free
Stay engaged in teens’ driving habits, as teens are three times as likely to crash as more experienced drivers
Learn about your vehicle’s safety systems and how to use them. 

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