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An Inconvenient Death: How Tesla’s All-Too-Convenient Autopilot System May Have Just Caused Its First Death.

Washington- The U.S. announced the first fatality in a wreck involving a car in self-driving mode, the 40-year-old owner of a technology company who nicknamed his vehicle, “Tessy” and had praised its sophisticated “Autopilot” system just one month earlier for preventing a collision on an interstate. The government said it is investigating the design and performance of the system aboard the Tesla Model S sedan.

Joshua D. Brown, of Canton Ohio, died in the accident in Williston, Florida, when his car’s cameras failed to distinguish the white side of a turning tractor-trailer from a brightly lit sky and didn’t automatically activate its brakes, according to government records obtained Thursday. The driver died due to injuries sustained in the accident.
The system is designed to allow Teslas to cruise along highways without drivers having to steer, brake or accelerate. The car is supposed to stay in its lane and stop suddenly if traffic ahead comes to a halt.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has opened a preliminary evaluation into the fatal crash of a Tesla electric car that had its “Autopilot” feature engaged at the time of the incident.
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