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Eastbound I-90 closed through evening after tanker truck crash

Seattle, Wash. – All eastbound lanes of Interstate 90 are closed near North Bend after a tanker truck overturned and both of its tanks began leaking fuel, officials said.

Photo credit: Komo News- The tanker overturned at mile post 43 of eastbound I-90

The “long-term closure” is expected to continue through the evening as crews clean up the mess and try to limit environmental damage.
Firefighters and hazmat crews responded to the scene, about 10 miles east of North Bend, at about 7:15 a.m. after receiving reports of a rollover crash involving a tanker truck.
Fuel was leaking from the overturned semi when they arrived and the eastbound lanes were closed. No one was injured in the crash.
The Washington State Patrol says another vehicle crashed into the tanker truck, causing it to overturn.

Most truck drivers are professionals who safely deliver their loads to their destinations without incident. Some trucking companies, however, may occasionally permit safety to lapse, causing serious injurty and even death by needlessly endangering the public.
Unsafe trucking companies may cause injury by violating safety laws designed to restrict the hours their drivers spend behind the wheel. Driving overloaded trucks that are harder to control not only causes accidents, but also greater injury upon impact. Trucking companies may also save money by failing to implement ongoing training protocols for their drivers- with disasteraus consequences.
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