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Flesh-eating bacteria was traced to tilapia that was purchased at a Bellevue market.

  Tilapia that was bought from a Bellevue supermarket is the likely source of a woman’s rare, life-threatening bacterial infection, according to health officials. The woman

E. coli Outbreak in Ready-to-Eat Salads and Wraps

26 people in three states have reportedly been infected with the outbreak of a strain of E. coli. Investigations conducted by local, state, and federal official

Salmonella Outbreak in Washington and 17 Other States

The Salmonella outbreak caused by contaminated Foster Farms chicken has spread to Washington State. As of October 9th, fifteen people had been poisoned by salmonella in

Frozen Food E. coli Outbreak Strikes 27 People

After sickening 27 people in 15 states with the dangerous E. coli bacteria, several frozen food products have been recalled by their manufacturers Rich Products Corporation.