¡Se habla español!

Front Desk/Legal Assistant

This position requires the balancing, organizing and prioritizing of the following tasks. Note that all tasks and every piece of paper in this firm are important for the office to run smoothly. This person will be working with all employees in the firm, and will be under the supervision of the Tech Administrator/Marketing Manager. Proficiency of MS Office products and keyboarding 45 wpm minimum is a plus.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Answering telephone calls, (requires understanding of telephone and voice mail system)
    • Instructions on how to answer an inbound call, put call on hold, transfer to voicemail and record your voicemail system. 
  • Maintain a high level of excellent customer service for people walking into the office and also while being on phones. 
  • Mail – Stamp any outgoing mail in the morning prior to mailman’s arrival, stamp any incoming mail, UPS/FedEx deliveries. After mail has been stamped and sorted, it will require to be handed out to every staff member who received mail.
  • Run the dishwasher before end of the day (5:30pm), and empty it every morning, prior to 9am. 
  • Check daily that all bathrooms have enough toilet paper/towels.
  • Keep the front office clean along with conference room and any other items that require clean up throughout the office. 
  • Office Supplies- perform a periodic office inventory on office supplies. Make sure that all printer supplies/toners are in stock in order to keep printers running smoothly. Also making sure the office has daily coffee and filtered water available. 
  • Errands: make any necessary errands such as going to the bank, post office, staples, stores, meeting clients to pick/drop off documents etc.
  •  Handle incoming faxes via RingCentral and forward to assign paralegal/attorney. 
  • Assist with necessary projects from attorneys, paralegals, and management. 
    • Example projects: make copies, closing files, cover for client meetings, interpreting, records request, filing etc. 
  • Help with Miscellaneous attorney or paralegal requests.
  • Help close client files.
  • Printer’s maintenance & troubleshooting. This part of the job requires dealing with vendors who perform routine maintenance.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • 2+ years of experience in the plaintiff personal injury field and/or customer service-oriented field. We would consider training an entry-level candidate with a related bachelor’s degree who is fluent in Spanish, proficient with MO Suite of programs, and has excellent customer service background/experience. 
  • Applicants with high academic achievement are given preference. 
  • Applicants must have a valid Washington State driver’s license and clean driving record. 

Job Type:

  • Full-time.


24 Hours a day