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7-year-old boy gets attacked by 3 dogs

  7-year-old boy. Image Source: Kiro 7

MOUNT VERNON, Wash. – Mount Vernon police have seized three dogs suspected of attacking a 7-year-old boy last week.
Dog attacks can cause serious injuries. Permanent scars, nerve damage, tendon damage, virulent infection can all result from a dog bit, and even death can occur. First-grader Reilly Gerber has been hospitalized with extensive wounds to his head and face. Reilly’s face was full scratches and cuts, requiring more than 70 stitches and eight staples to the back of his head.
The Skagit Valley Herald reported on Wednesday that the dogs were located at a residence in Sedro-Woolley in the 1300 block of Harrison Street. Carlos Chavez Jr., the boy’s father, said his son, Reilly, was playing with the 3 dogs at a babysitter’s residence when the animals attacked him. Carlos Chavez Jr. believes that the dogs at pit bulls or have some pit bull mix.

The apparent owner of the dogs, was contacted by police but the 32-year-old woman claimed she didn’t know where the animals were. Mount Vernon’s Animal Control is reviewing the case to determine if the dogs should be declared dangerous. There is an investigation in progress to determine if charges against the dog’s apparent owner should be pursued.
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