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5 Types of Serious Construction Site Injuries

Construction is dangerous work. Hard working men and women frequently work high above the ground in perilous conditions. Serious injuries too often occur. These workers are dependent upon others for their safety. That is why it is extremely important why construction companies and contractors need to adhere to all safety rules under the law.
But what are some of the most common types of serious injury construction site accidents? We list five types of cases where workers can suffer grave injuries.

Falls From Heights

Whether it is on scaffolding, on ladders, on rooftops, or high on a building, falls can lead to serious and even deadly consequences. Some examples of reasons workers have fall injuries where negligence may be involved include:
– faulty scaffolding
– faulty railings
– no usage or unsafe usage of harnesses and lanyards
– falls from ladders
– falls through holes or surfaces
– slip and fall due to known unsafe conditions,
Fall injuries can include spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, crushed bones or fractures, or other serious internal injuries. In the most tragic of cases, deaths occur.

Objects That Fall From Above

Construction sites have a lot of heavy materials, debris and tools. Sometimes these items fall down and strike workers leading to serious injuries. For example, even with a hardhat on, a falling hammer can cause serious injury to the person it strikes.
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Crane Accidents

Cranes are powerful pieces equipment. While they are instrumental, powerful tools in the construction of many high-rises, they also pose a real danger. They are near constantly in motion carrying heavy loads with tremendous force and they could even collapse. Even innocent bystanders can be at risk. In 2006 in Bellevue, Washington, a 210-foot crane collapsed killing a 31-year old intellectual property attorney.

Workers Being Hit by Equipment

With all the equipment often found on a construction site, it can be a real challenge to safely navigate and work in a construction zone. Whether it is beams, wood, steel rods, or a nail gun, peril too often strikes innocent workers resulting in serious injuries.

Workers Being Hit by Vehicles

Big trucks, heavy duty machinery, and other vehicles frequent construction sites. Innocent workers can be struck by these large vehicles through no fault of their own and sustain catastrophic injuries.
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